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Name: Aleksandra Blackwell

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Permanent: Has an Automail like limb from an accident during a mission

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Face claim: Emma stone

[ this blog is NSFW The mun and muse are over 20]

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Anonymous asked : Hello beautiful person, as I believe there is too much hate on tumblr I have made it my goal to make sure everyone I follow knows they are loved. I love the way you play Ally, and I really enjoy reading your roleplays. You as a mun are very nice as well. Stay classy, sincerely, a loving follower.

ooc: *petpet* Thank you sweetie. I’ve just moved back to my old Ally account *hug* if you’d come off anon I’d gladly tell you the new account information so you may follow me there.

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Anonymous asked : you know that Crowley is in a relationship, right? I think you should step back. Be fair.

ooc: um sweetie, me and the mun talked about this OOC and we ship it. They are a multiverse. *waves*

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It had been a few hundred years since the Winchester’s deaths.
Castiel still lights a candle on Sam’s birthday and drinks a liquor store on Dean’s.
He still hunts and drives the Impala around. Fixing the Impala is all he uses his angel powers for any more. He would rather drive then fly because it’s all he has left of his family.

oh yeah sure i didnt need my heart anyways

and now im crying

oh wow, actually crying
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Nikolai and Jacklyn ll Closed




Nikolai frowned. “Not so much over little things.” Jack stopped waving the fire extinguisher as he saw the two and as the smoke began to clear. The Doctor took it from Jack and placed it inside the TARDIS, before turning to look at the two.

“Nikolai? Who’s this then?” Nikolai blushed and then smiled.

“This is Jacklyn. Her and her mom came here too.” The Doctor looked over at the ship, Nikolai pointed at. Jack followed with his eyes. Nikolai frowned slightly when his dad grabbed him by the arm and squeezed.

“Jacklyn is it? Can we meet your mom?”

Jacklyn jumped some when the man grabbed nikolai and nodded a bit, ‘Yes, My name’s Jacklyn Blackwell! Yea of course….’ She said, ‘Come on I’m sure she won’t mind! She’s always alone so…’ She heard her name and winced, ‘And… I’m probably in trouble.’ She said and headed over, ‘Hey mom! I made a new friend and his parents wanna meet you!’

Ally Hugged her, ‘Oh god Jackie what am I going to do with you? I said we were leaving 20 minutes …. A friend?’ She stopped her rant and looked at her daughter, ‘Who?’ Jacklyn smiled some, ‘His name is Nikolai!’ She motioned over to the Three. Ally’s hearts hit bottom but smiled, ‘Hi.. I’m Aleksandra, I hope my daughter hasn’t been causing any trouble.’

Nikolai twisted in The Doctor’s grasp and frowned as Jack thumped him on the back of the head. Nikolai stopped moving and huffed. He lowered his head before lifting it and smiling at Jacklyn’s mom. “Hello.”

Jack smiled, shaking his head. “Oh no. No trouble at all. We just figured it’d be great to meet our son’s little girlfriend.” Nikolai blushed in embarrassment.

“Mum.” He groaned. The Doctor ruffled the boy’s hair, laughing softly.

“Nice to meet you. I’m The Doctor and this is Jack Harkness. Are you from around here?”

Aleksandra chuckled a bit, ’ Aw my little girls got a boyfriend.’ She hugged Jacklyn close. Jacklyn blushed a bit, ’ Mom!’ She said to her embarrassed looking away.

'Nikolai's my friend!' Ally laughed ruffling her daughters hair. She smiled at the Doctor, 'No actually We're kinda just passing through. Exploring and all that stuff.' She said.

Jacklyn nodded a bit, ‘Yea we’re actually going to Nova prime next!’ She cheered a bit smiling, ‘Mom said that there are people there that inspired the stories of Angels!’

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King of Hell ((Crowrel ))



Arel leaned on him a bit when he picked her up shivering still feeling horrible about all the blood on the carpet and now his suit. She closed her eyes when he teleported them. She felt a wave of Dizziness but didn’t complain about it. She opened her eyes slowly once the dizziness pass, ‘Thank you Crowley, for everything.’ she said. holding onto his coat slightly, her hands trembled a bit, ‘A..Are my wings going to come back or are they gone forever Crowley?’ She was scared of being without them, but she didn’t know what was going to happen now she could still feel her grace.

“No need to thank me.” His guilt was waning, but he still felt semi-responsible for the mess. It was rather embarrassing that he sometimes couldn’t control his demons. A soft sigh escaped him as he stood in the middle of his living room. Crowley wasn’t making any move to let go of Arel or put her down, afraid that she would not be able to stand or walk. “I’m no expert, love. But as far as I understand, they will come back. It’ll be a matter of years, though, for them to grow.” He walked them up the twisting staircase to his bathroom, which had both a tub and shower. “Are you able to stand?” He looked warily from Arel to the linoleum floor, unsure of how much help she would need. He wasn’t going to just leave her alone if she needed him.

Arel leaned on him slightly and closed her eyes starting to fall asleep. She looked at him as he spoke to her, ’ I’m.. I’m not sure.’ She said to him. She carefully placed her feet on the floor almost falling straight down. She yelped slightly, ’ I guess that’s a now…’ She said, her tone reflecting that she felt so depressed about this because she was in her head, Useless.

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M!A: Sex Drive is up [Will be NSFW eventually] Open




“No reason.” He grinned, flipping them so he was on top.

She laid under him brushing his hair and smirked a bit moving her hands to the towel, ‘Oh good….’ She removed the towel kissing him.

Jack wiggled with a smirk as he kissed her back. He dragged a hand down to lift her leg up to wrap around his waist. He rolled his hips slightly.

She kissed his neck and smiled holding onto his waist carefully blushing, ’ I think I understand what’s going on Jack love…’ She muttered to him kissing him more.